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No one in the world has swagger like us.

In response to Lady Gaga’s heinous and miserable attempt to appropriate the burqa. It’s disrespectful to muslim women who actually do wear the burqa and no, she’s not doing anything for us by wearing it in a very sexualized manner in the name of fashion. There is nothing that will justify what she did and how she did it. This is REAL burqa swag.

Sorry. I can’t hear you over the sound of how much your religion hates anyone with a vagina.

That’s actually funny considering that in the pre-Islamic era, in the Arab societies, the women were deprived of the most basic human rights that is required for human existence. The practice of female infanticide was widely practiced among some of the Arab tribes. The first and foremost contribution that Islam made to elevating the social status of the Arab women was to give them the right to live. Islam forbade this inhumane practice and was highly critical of the attitudes allowing parents to reject their female children. Islam viewed the practice as a crime and murder. When women were nothing but chattel and property in places that are considered “modern” today like England and France, Muslim women were being given the right to inherit, divorce, work, keep their own money as well as spend their husbands, 1400 years ago in the deserts of Arabia.  Why would a “misogynistic and patriarchal” religion care about these innocent baby girls? Why would Islam tell us that our mothers are the most respected figures in our lives after God and the Prophet? Muslim female scholars argue that most wrongs committed against women in the strictest countries of the Muslim world are not based on the Quran. It is based on local culture, traditions, political repression, illiteracy and poverty. Which can probably be said the same for your ~accepting and free~ western societies as well. Learn your stuff before you spew some stuff you probably learned from Pamela Geller.

(Source: faineemae)

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